Rooderandt Hillside Lodge
Rooderandt Hillside Lodge in a nutshell
Description: Manor in nineteenth century Karoo style, with authentic farm cottages.   More
Accommodation: Luxury rooms with antique furniture and rustic interior decorating.   More
Meals: Hearty farm breakfast included. Dinner on request.   More
Location: R328 (en-route to the Cango Caves),Schoemanshoek, in the heart of Oudtshoorn´s
tourist district.   More
Environment: Large indigenous gardens with spectacular views, built-up braai´s
(for barbeques) and opportunities for birdwatching.   More
Heritage: Established by Hertzog Prize winner and vernacular architecture
afficionado Pieter Fourie and his wife Maletta.   More
Guest Book: Write about your experience at Rooderandt Hillside Lodge.   More
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